I’ve worked on large SOA systems doing back end development in RedHat Enterprise Server environments, I’ve built fully immersive training simulators for military and mining vehicles running on Windows platforms and my professional development career focused exclusively on C++ and Qt (to which I was introduced somewhere in 2009) until somewhere in 2014/2015 when the web application bug bit me and I made the transition to C#/.NET and all the various flavours of front-end frameworks and tools.

I am extremely passionate about modern leadership approaches and principles.

I used to play around with photography, but have spent very little time on that over the past few years.  I enjoy reading, hiking and binge-watching series while stuffing my face with crunchy things (the face stuffing of crunchy things is an add-on to all of the above).  Terry Pratchett was an absolute legend, I intensely dislike bullies in all their shapes and forms and I struggle to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology and the insane rate of scientific discovery, both fields that I enjoy immensely.

Hit me up through the social media buttons below (or on the side? I can’t remember where I put them) or get in touch through the contact me page and I’ll email you back as long as you aren’t a trolling spam bot.

Ah, you’re still here, why goblincoding I hear you ask?
When I started this site, I was knee deep in a grueling project and we used to joke that “code goblins” were sneaking in at night, messing up the code we submitted at stupid hours of the morning…anyhow, ‘codegoblins’ and its variants were taken, so I went with ‘goblincoding’ as per the site tag 🙂
Here’s a cool goblin image that Alexey Kuznetsov was friendly enough to allow me to use for the site.


– William Hallatt