Adding Docker Terminal to cmder on Windows

I’ve recently started playing with Docker on Windows 10 and, as an avid supporter of the cmder console emulator, I obviously prefer having all my console options in one place.

A couple of things to note before we start:

  1. My Docker installation directory is
  2. I go under the assumption that you already have git for Windows installed somewhere on your machine, either independently, or by having had it come bundled with cmder or Docker itself.

Adding the Docker terminal to cmder is pretty straightforward.  Start by selecting the “Setup Tasks” option in the cmder toolbar

Setup Tasks


This will bring up “Settings” with the “Tasks” option already active (if it is not, simply select it from the left-hand pane under “Startup”.

  1. Click on the little ‘+’ under the “Predefined tasks(command groups)” (where your existing tasks live)
  2. Rename the task to “docker” (or whatever you like)
  3. Provide the icon path under “Task parameters”.  In case it is not clear from the below gif, this path should start with /ico followed by the path to the ico file (on my machine, the file is in my base Docker installation directory, remember the double quotes!)
  4. Add the startup commands.  The paths will obviously be different for your machine and, VERY NB, do not neglect all the double quotes (you might even need more in case you have paths with spaces)
    "E:\Installs\Git\bin\bash.exe --login -i "E:\Installs\DockerToolbox\" -new_console:d:"E:\Installs\DockerToolbox""
  5. Save your settings.

The Docker console should now be available to you as any other


Fire it up and enjoy Docker from within cmder!


11 thoughts on “Adding Docker Terminal to cmder on Windows

  1. Thanks for the tip 🙂 In case you’re having problems with the spaces in paths, this is my config:

    “”C:\Program Files\Git\bin\bash.exe” –login -i “C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox\” -new_console:d:”C:\Program Files\Docker Toolbox””

    1. After I copy pasted this command I had to replace all quotes and double dash before login, as it is strangely formated in this comment. Nevertheless thanks a lot 🙂

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